Future Schools

Choosing the right school for your child is vital, and we are always on hand to help and guide you when making your choices. We have strong ties with many of the leading private schools in London, and we prepare your child for entry into the school of your choice. Below is a list of the schools that our children most commonly move on to. If you click on the school’s name, you will be taken to their website:

Garden House School (boys only)
Garden House School (girls only)
Francis Holland School (girls only)
Eaton House (boys only)
Wetherby School (boys only)
Pembridge Hall School (girls only)
Hill House School (co-ed)
Falkner House School (girls only) 
Kensington Prep School (girls only)
Glendower Prep School (girls only)
Cameron House School (co-ed)
Knightsbridge School (co-ed)
Newton Prep School (co-ed) 
Eaton Square Schools (co-ed) 
Thomas’s Battersea (co-ed)
Thomas’s Kensington (co-ed)
Queen’s Gate School (girls only) 
Norland Place School (co-ed)

What Ofsted and our parents say…