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Parents comment on how highly effective the school is in meeting their children’s needs.
Staff have a thorough understanding of each child’s learning and welfare needs, and value them as unique individuals.
Children access a broad range of high quality resources that encourage [them] to engage in activities that promote all areas of learning and development and promote their future skills extremely well.
Staff are exceptionally good role models to the children, not only offering them praise and encouragement, but also encouraging them to support each other.
Staff take time to carefully find out about children’s personalities and interests, which they reflect in very well-planned activities.
Children thrive and make excellent progress in their learning and development, due to the highly effective support of the skillful and committed staff.
Teaching is of a high quality and staff provide well-planned, stimulating activities that promote children's development.
Staff manage children's behaviour highly effectively and children behave very positively.
Staff develop highly effective partnerships with parents.
Children are very well mannered, highly confident and very motivated to learn.
Children's progress is promoted well by high-quality teaching and thoughtful planning of activities.

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